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iBoostBiz Affiliate Benefits

Do you know people who would love iBoostBiz?

Network, info, and affiliate marketers would all love it, so tell them about iBoostBiz and earn some money!

When they tell their contacts and associates, you’ll make even more. Simple enough?

Plus, it’s free to all active iBoostBiz subscribers

  • Earn $15/Premier and $9/Pro on all personally-referred subscriptions
  • Earn $5/Premier and $3/Pro on all second level subscriptions
  • Commissions mailed/deposited monthly

How the Affiliate Program Works

  1. We provide you with your own Affiliate ID and replicated website when you register.
  2. You can refer people to your affiliate website using any legal, ethical, and moral technique
    that works!

If your affiliate ID is 55235, you add /55235 to the end of like so:

All your visitors are now automatically associated with your affiliate account and you earn money every month they are an active iBoostBiz subscriber!

Monthly Recurring Income

You earn not just on the initial sale, but also on the recurring monthly subscription fee on every active subscribers.

Over a couple of weeks (or months), you introduce a dozen subscribers. Well, 12 Premium subscribers x 15.00 per month is a cool $2,160 annually… Check the math! Maybe those dozen subscribers each told a few people. Let’s say 3 each, which is an additional 36 subscribers at $5 @ month which would double your earnings to $4,320.

The more referrals you and your team send to iBoostBiz, the more money you make.

iBoostBiz Affiliate Income Stream

iBoostBiz could can turn out to be an amazing income stream for you! It’s the newest and most useful marketing and lead capture platform available. Networkers, Info Marketers, and even Affiliate Marketers love iBoostBiz. Introduce them to iBoostBiz. Make a friend and make some money, too.

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iBoostBiz rewards you automatically while complementing your primary opportunity.

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