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Address Your Message to Each of Your MLM Leads

Finding the right leads for your network marketing business can allow your business to grow exponentially over time. Many business owners turn to purchasing leads, but there is a better way to get a targeted lead that is genuinely interested in your businesses opportunity. Using an MLM marketing system like iBoostBiz can allow you to address your message to each of your MLM leads and get better results.

Driving Traffic to a Landing Page

The first step in getting your individual message across to each lead is driving all traffic to your lead capture page. Provide a bold headline that catches attention and try to provide a video that draws people into your opportunity. Drive traffic to your page using social media sites like Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

Showing a Message to Each Lead

Once traffic is driven to an eye-catching page, the next essential step is a compelling video to convey your message to each lead. This video works to give each lead a taste of how your opportunity can change the lead’s life in positive ways. This video is essential in ensuring every lead gets an idea of what your business has to offer and moves them to the next step.

Getting the Lead to Take Action

All the details of the landing page work to create one specialized action, which is getting the lead to enter their name and email address into a contact form on the page. This enables the lead to start receiving your autoresponders that will continue to send information and details about your business. This is in keeping with the idea of marketing your individual message to each lead on a continuous basis providing steady exposure for your opportunity.

Specialized Message for Conversion

As your MLM business is continuously marketed to each of your MLM leads on a personal level through their email, this allows you to develop a relationship with them. Marketing studies have shown that as leads become more familiar with your product or service, they are more likely to buy. Thus, getting this individualized message to each lead will reap tremendous results in converting a lead to a member. Conversions using this automated method are the ultimate way to grow your business exponentially.

Part of creating a successful network marketing business is conveying your personal message to as many leads as possible. A system like iBoostBiz allows business owners to not only market to numerous leads at one time, but also address your message to each lead through an automated system. This type of marketing saves time, money, and advertising dollars for every business.

Your MLM Leads are your Bread and Butter

When you operate your own MLM business, you know your income depends on leads and prospects. The more people you reach, the more recruiting you can do, and the more money you can make. Your business is all about gathering new leads, converting them to sales or team members and building a qualified team to do the same. Managing your MLM leads with the right tools can help you earn the income you deserve.

Use Different Lead Capture Pages

Let your lead capture pages speak to the audience you are addressing. You should use one lead capture page to sell your products or services and a separate page to sell your opportunity. They should have a very different focus. To build sales with customers you need to tout the product or service you are selling. This is all about getting the visitor to understand why they NEED it. You need to evoke an emotional response in terms of what they will get from the product or service.

Your opportunity squeeze page needs to evoke a more emotional response in terms of what your opportunity can do for new team members. They can make their own hours, spend more time with family, have more financial freedom which in turn will give them more TIME freedom, and can build residual income that will continue.

Use Well Written Autoresponders

Your lead capture pages help you GATHER the MLM leads, but your autoresponders need to follow up and act on the leads you get. Autoresponders should be targeted to the audience that visited each page. Focus on selling the product to those leads that came in from the product squeeze page and work your opportunity leads toward joining your team!

Contact Managing and Activity Tracking

To effectively manage all of your MLM leads, use the contact manager and activity tracker. See who is reading your autoresponder email, clicking on links and watching your videos. Seeing what actions are taken by each lead will enable you to focus your energy on the right prospects in the right way. Focus on closing the prospects that seem the most engaged and think about tweaking your autoresponders if you find that you are losing people’s interest at a certain point along the way.

Don’t Miss Being Notified When Someone Interacts with Your Site!

One of the best things about iBoostBiz is how it automatically organizes and keeps track of your MLM leads and notifies you about certain activity on your site. Instant notifications will keep you informed about prospect activity as well as keep you on time for calendar events, meetings, scheduled follow-ups, phone calls, etc.

All of your prospects’ activities are tracked and logged automatically – you can even see the most recent activity on your system right on your back office home page which allows you to quickly identify your hot prospects.

With Instant Notifications, you can be notified by email or text message the activities you want to know about. You can get a text message when someone revisits your site or an email when you have a new prospect. You can customize your Instant Notifications in less than a minute, and change them anytime you want.

In case you missed the training email we sent about setting up notifications, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Just log into your back office
  2. Click Go To My User Settings on the Welcome page
  3. Click Personal System Notifications
  4. Select the Events you want to be notified of via email and/or text message.

iBoostBiz Helps Generate MLM Leads

iBoostBiz helps generate MLM leads with its lead capture pages and follow-up autoresponder emails. Each lead capture page—otherwise known as a landing page or a squeeze page—is given its own dedicated domain name and can even be assigned its own email marketing campaign. Drive traffic to your landing pages with the assistance of email campaigns, social media, and innovative graphic design.

While iBoostBiz provides lead capture pages and email campaigns for you, it is also necessary to point out the importance of a well-designed marketing page or site. A marketing page is where your target audience is directed once he or she fills out your web form. For instance, if you’re involved in a diet and nutritional supplement opportunity, you’ll want to land your audience at that marketing site. If you want to maximize the click-through rate of your website and gain as many conversions as possible from your marketing campaign, then you must have a specific, relevant, and useful marketing page. iBoostBiz can not only drive traffic to your marketing site, but you can alternatively use iBoostBiz’s About Me page as your marketing page; tweak it to make it as appealing as possible to your audience.

  • iBoostBiz’s lead capture pages are equipped with web forms so you can easily amass an email list for each landing page. These forms have text fields for your prospect’s first name, last name, email address, and an optional phone number.
  • iBoostBiz utilizes follow-up auto-responder emails to spread a marketing message to your audience without making you do any extra work.

By making use of catchy graphics, concise, informative text, auto-responder emails, and otherwise very well designed lead capture pages, iBoostBiz can do wonders for your marketing campaign. You can tailor your Lead Capture and About Me page to your specific needs and make them so attractive to your audience that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t started using iBoostBiz earlier. This is a lifesaver of a product, and you will certainly enjoy its profitability!