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Let’s Talk Autoresponders

So you have leads coming in from your lead capture pages… Congratulations… that is HUGE! But now you need to know what to DO with them.

Hopefully you have an autoresponder series set up to start sending intriguing messages to these new contacts every few days. Even better is if you have embedded captivating videos or links to any of your other web pages within these messages.

Remember, iBoostBiz tracks your contacts’ actions and you should take full advantage of this information! If a contact does not take action, then they should probably continue receiving the autoresponder campaign messages you’ve started sending them. However, if they take action – if they Watch Your Video – or click on the link to another of your web pages, it may be time to switch them over to a different campaign.

A lead that took action – clicked a link to see more information or watched a video – is obviously more interested in your opportunity than one that has not taken action. It is time to start targeting them differently – with a different set of autoresponders!

This can all be done very easily via your back office – simply switch categories for these contacts. You can change them from the category that is sent the initial campaign from your lead capture page, to a category tied to a more streamlined, targeted set of autoresponder messages geared toward those leads that took action.