Use the Right Subject Line in Email to Your MLM Leads

Remember when sending email to your MLM leads, the most important factor is to get them to OPEN the email!  What good is it if they receive your email but never open or read it?

Here are a few tips for good subject lines that should prompt recipients to open and read your messages:

1. Ask a Question. Make the reader think about something – ask a quesiton that will prompt them to open the email and find the answer. Providing answers to legitimate questions will also have your readers look to you as an authority.

2. Offer a FREE REPORT or something else of value – and let them know about it by using the term ‘FREE REPORT’ right in the subject line.  People LOVE getting something for free.

3. Use Videos! Include a link to a useful video in your message, but be sure to use the term ‘Video’ or ‘NEW Video’ in your subject. Seeing the word video may make your email stand out while the recipient is scrolling through a long list of email subjects in their inbox.

4. Use precise numbers or percentages in your subject line. Reading that ’1,248 new distributors’ joined your opportunity in the last 2 months is more inviting than seeing ‘Over 1000 new distributors’ joined. Or state that your distributorship increased by 23% over the past 8 weeks. People like to see specific numbers and may be enticed to read more.

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