Your ‘About Me’ Page is an Integral Part of Your MLM Online Marketing System

Building your business is about building personal relationships. And your About Me page is a way for you to spotlight who you are, and more importantly, why someone would want to be in business with you. The page can be treated as the very core of your MLM Online Marketing System.

Make sure to include information that will draw your visitors in!

Your About Me page allows you the freedom to customize it with your own personal picture, message, video, social networking links, preferred contact information and more. Although  your page is pre-populated with generic content and the basic information you already provided when you signed up, you should update it to make it more personal and more appealing.

In case you missed the training email we sent about setting up this page, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Just log into your back office.
  2. Click Sales Tools
  3. Click Manage My Site
  4. Click Configure My About Me Page

The system walks you through which areas to fill in but you don’t have to keep everything cut and dry!

Have some fun with the content and BE CREATIVE.

Your About Me page can attract likeminded people, so think of what YOU would want to read that would entice YOU to do business with YOU!

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  1. L Davies says:

    Yes, “think of what you would want to read” in an About Me page. It’s so important to show that you’re a real person. In my opinion, it’s nice to make an effort with the About Me page, I do think that’s what customers want to see–the seller making an effort!

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