Have You Seen all of the Lead Capture Pages You can Use?

iBoostBiz wants you to be successful and that is why there are so many lead capture pages for you to choose from. Make sure you check them all out. There are pages specifically designed for weight loss, energy drinks, travel, green business and even energy deregulation.

Don’t see a page geared toward your specific niche? There are pages to attract stay at home Moms, displaced workers, or anyone looking for an opportunity to work from home.

If that’s not enough, there are four customizable lead capture pages and one more designed specifically to display on mobile devices. We provide you with enough choices that you should be able to promote absolutely any business using iBoostBiz lead capture page.

In case you missed the training email we sent about setting up these pages, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Just log into your back office.
  2. Click Sales Tools
  3. Click Manage My Site
  4. Click View My Lead Capture Pages

You will see all of the available pages. The pre-configured ones are ready to use right away. The customizable ones are also ready to use with pre-loaded content but you should tweak them to fit your niche, your products and opportunity and your style.


  1. Kaleb90 says:

    The customizable pages have been great for creating exactly what I want. Thanks for this!

    • Sonia Garrett says:

      I have the same sentiment. I didn’t think they meant it when they said they could customize for ANY business, but this has worked really well for my niche (which is not a run-of-the-mill thing). They’ve made it easy enough that I’m already thinking of making another site. Many, many thanks.

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