Don’t Miss Being Notified When Someone Interacts with Your Site!

One of the best things about iBoostBiz is how it automatically organizes and keeps track of your MLM leads and notifies you about certain activity on your site. Instant notifications will keep you informed about prospect activity as well as keep you on time for calendar events, meetings, scheduled follow-ups, phone calls, etc.

All of your prospects’ activities are tracked and logged automatically – you can even see the most recent activity on your system right on your back office home page which allows you to quickly identify your hot prospects.

With Instant Notifications, you can be notified by email or text message the activities you want to know about. You can get a text message when someone revisits your site or an email when you have a new prospect. You can customize your Instant Notifications in less than a minute, and change them anytime you want.

In case you missed the training email we sent about setting up notifications, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Just log into your back office
  2. Click Go To My User Settings on the Welcome page
  3. Click Personal System Notifications
  4. Select the Events you want to be notified of via email and/or text message.


  1. Catherine Thompson says:

    Just to say I am loving the notifications, so cool to be out & about and get the text message about a prospect! Also good to be able to review all the activity from the day to see where we’re getting the most juice.

  2. ray hutch says:

    a super service where i have been able to stop thinking constantly about lead generation and just let it happen and wait for notification


  3. Jim says:

    This sounds like something I could use. My site doesn’t get tons of traffic but when it does, I need to be right on it. Is there a limit to the number of events you can get notified about?

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