Use iBoostBiz Lead Capture Pages to Promote One or Multiple Products or Opportunities

You can choose from several generic pages that can be used for any market – these are geared toward engaging people looking to quit their day job or work from home, or toward stay at home moms looking for extra cash. There are more specific lead capture pages for weight loss, energy drinks, travel, green (environmentally friendly) products, and even energy deregulation.

If you are involved in multiple opportunities, use multiple iBoostBiz lead capture pages available that fit your needs. Or you may want to take advantage of the iMatchBiz lead capture page that presents visitors with a short survey that can help you place them in the opportunity you feel best matches their answers.

Best of all, you can customize your own lead capture pages. iBoostBiz includes 4 different customizable pages. All enable you to decide your own page title, headlines and content while a couple also let you select a different image, and one lets you pick which video to include.


  1. Rich says:

    I like the idea of the survey on the iMatchBiz page. I’m not great at copy which is what attracts me to what you’re offering.

  2. Bev says:

    Hi Friend, I run a small weight loss group in Houston. I still don’t have a website (criminal, I know, but it’s a word-of-mouth business at the moment). This sounds perfect for me (I want someone else to do the work — ha ha). Should I sign up for the free trial? How do I proceed?

  3. Mac says:

    I like that you can customize the lead capture pages. Also, I’ve got a logo that I plan on placing on my About Me page.

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