Content and Communication for an Effective Lead Gen System


Engaging Content for Lead Gen

Most companies are using content in some form or another – blog posts, white papers or YouTube videos to generate leads. Businesses have acknowledged the importance of content in attracting and engaging customers. It’s difficult to create content that engages customer’s attention easily and once you create engaging content you cannot easily re-use it. But that’s an old idea! The new design is to re-design, re-organize and re-mix old content and use it as brand new.

Communication is Also Important

But content is not the only way of generating online leads. “Like any other medium, a communication system plays an important role in lead generation as well” says Carol Wasserman of iTeleCenter, a virtual phone system for small businesses.  By this time, every business must have known that one of the easiest ways of sounding credible and professional is to allow customers to talk to you in person. This makes your business presence more convincing, especially if you are a small business owner. In a lead generation ecosystem, engaging content and an effective communication system, go hand in hand. One is complementing the other.

Use Both for Your Lead Gen Exercise

It does not matter what form of content you are using for sharing information with customers – blog, podcasts, a webinar or a YouTube video – it’s incomplete without a contact number.  When you share your contact number, it gives your customers a chance to talk to you directly. They can call you to inquire about your product. Moreover, sharing your contact details makes you look more credible.

Most marketers use a biography or a company description at the end of a white paper, an e-book, an article, etc. They often do not include their contact number in their descriptions. But they usually provide a link to their website and it’s not difficult to find their contact number there. It is also one of the most effective business strategies. It actually helps you measure the success of your content marketing.

One Actually Leads to Other

Creating engaging marketing content is difficult and even more difficult is to use it properly for your business benefits.  You must ensure that you use it to leverage the maximum benefit.  A contact number in an advertisement may lead to a phone call which in turn could play a message informing the caller about your website, or about your products and services. The caller could leave a voicemail message with their contact information and now you have a new prospect. Alternatively, a visit to your web page that contains a lead capture form – prompting the visitor to leave their contact info in exchange for an informational report – can also provide you with a new prospect.

Though these three content, communication (through a contact number) and leads – seem to be three different entities, in reality they are all related – one leads to the other.

Tips and Tricks of a Successful Lead Generation System

A lead generation system is necessary for every business and more so for small businesses and startups. Leads are the lifeblood for any business and it becomes more important for a small business. In order to generate qualified leads you should have a system in place. A successful lead generation system has many components like the landing page of the website, email marketing, telephone marketing and even in some cases sending direct mailers. Though not directly a part of the lead generation process, a virtual phone system can also influence your lead generation considerably.

Influence of a Virtual Phone on Lead Generation

Customers prefer to establish relationships with businesses that are big, professional and hence credible. So a small business owner or a home based business owner often finds it difficult to convince their customers about their professionalism and credibility. This is where the role of a virtual phone becomes particularly relevant. A Virtual Phone System makes your business big and credible to your customers almost instantly. You can utilize the auto attendant, voicemail, call forwarding and other features of your virtual phone system for your business needs and be sure to influence your customers in no time.

Opt-in Form to Collect Information

So once you are successful in proving yourself as big and credible, the next step is to collect valuable contact information from your customers. The landing page of your website plays a significant role here. It is an integral part of any lead generation system. Here, visitors are asked to provide some very basic information in order to learn more about the products and opportunities offered. Generally, a name and email address—perhaps even a telephone number.

Maintaining Regular Contact

Research has shown that a lead needs to be contacted 7 to 10 times before he makes a decision. Here comes the role of an autoresponder. It initiates the first contact with the visitors who have provided information in the opt-in form. It also follows up with your visitors at regular intervals. An autoresponder sends a welcome email to your visitor who has entered his/her name and contact information in the form. After sending the welcome email, it keeps following with your visitors by sending additional email in pre-determined intervals.

The First Contact

The purpose for collecting information through the opt-in form is to convert a lead either to a customer or to a distributor. So it is quite pertinent to send out important communication correctly with a friendly but rather professional welcome letter. This letter is sent to the email address that the visitor has provided in the opt-in form and to add a personal touch it automatically inserts the visitor’s name in the letter.

Use the Right Subject Line in Email to Your MLM Leads

Remember when sending email to your MLM leads, the most important factor is to get them to OPEN the email!  What good is it if they receive your email but never open or read it?

Here are a few tips for good subject lines that should prompt recipients to open and read your messages:

1. Ask a Question. Make the reader think about something – ask a quesiton that will prompt them to open the email and find the answer. Providing answers to legitimate questions will also have your readers look to you as an authority.

2. Offer a FREE REPORT or something else of value – and let them know about it by using the term ‘FREE REPORT’ right in the subject line.  People LOVE getting something for free.

3. Use Videos! Include a link to a useful video in your message, but be sure to use the term ‘Video’ or ‘NEW Video’ in your subject. Seeing the word video may make your email stand out while the recipient is scrolling through a long list of email subjects in their inbox.

4. Use precise numbers or percentages in your subject line. Reading that ’1,248 new distributors’ joined your opportunity in the last 2 months is more inviting than seeing ‘Over 1000 new distributors’ joined. Or state that your distributorship increased by 23% over the past 8 weeks. People like to see specific numbers and may be enticed to read more.

Address Your Message to Each of Your MLM Leads

Finding the right leads for your network marketing business can allow your business to grow exponentially over time. Many business owners turn to purchasing leads, but there is a better way to get a targeted lead that is genuinely interested in your businesses opportunity. Using an MLM marketing system like iBoostBiz can allow you to address your message to each of your MLM leads and get better results.

Driving Traffic to a Landing Page

The first step in getting your individual message across to each lead is driving all traffic to your lead capture page. Provide a bold headline that catches attention and try to provide a video that draws people into your opportunity. Drive traffic to your page using social media sites like Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

Showing a Message to Each Lead

Once traffic is driven to an eye-catching page, the next essential step is a compelling video to convey your message to each lead. This video works to give each lead a taste of how your opportunity can change the lead’s life in positive ways. This video is essential in ensuring every lead gets an idea of what your business has to offer and moves them to the next step.

Getting the Lead to Take Action

All the details of the landing page work to create one specialized action, which is getting the lead to enter their name and email address into a contact form on the page. This enables the lead to start receiving your autoresponders that will continue to send information and details about your business. This is in keeping with the idea of marketing your individual message to each lead on a continuous basis providing steady exposure for your opportunity.

Specialized Message for Conversion

As your MLM business is continuously marketed to each of your MLM leads on a personal level through their email, this allows you to develop a relationship with them. Marketing studies have shown that as leads become more familiar with your product or service, they are more likely to buy. Thus, getting this individualized message to each lead will reap tremendous results in converting a lead to a member. Conversions using this automated method are the ultimate way to grow your business exponentially.

Part of creating a successful network marketing business is conveying your personal message to as many leads as possible. A system like iBoostBiz allows business owners to not only market to numerous leads at one time, but also address your message to each lead through an automated system. This type of marketing saves time, money, and advertising dollars for every business.

Why You Need to Tie a Squeeze Page to Your Website

Whether you are using the About Me page or an external page as your main website, you need to make sure you capture your visitors’ contact information.  The best way to do this is by integrating a squeeze page – also referred to as a lead capture or landing page – with your site.

Of course you want visitors to get to your website so they can read all about your opportunity and hopefully sign up, but you should try to capture everyone’s information – especially those that do not take immediate action.

When a visitor lands on your squeeze page, they will be required to enter their email address and at least their first name so you have a way to contact them.  Once their information is submitted, your autoresponder messages will start sending to them without any intervention on your part.

The page is typically similar to a sales letter or video designed to get the visitor to leave their contact information. The goal of this page is not to make the sale nor is it expected to teach them everything about your product or opportunity. You just want them to provide their contact information in exchange for more information or access to your site.

Your visitors will be more likely to provide their contact information if you offer them something in exchange. Perhaps you send them a free report or a value-added newsletter along with the first email in the autoresponder campaign.  They give you information – you give them information. And now you can further peak their interest and explore a possible relationship with them through your email campaign and follow up calls.

That’s all there is to it!

Your MLM Leads are your Bread and Butter

When you operate your own MLM business, you know your income depends on leads and prospects. The more people you reach, the more recruiting you can do, and the more money you can make. Your business is all about gathering new leads, converting them to sales or team members and building a qualified team to do the same. Managing your MLM leads with the right tools can help you earn the income you deserve.

Use Different Lead Capture Pages

Let your lead capture pages speak to the audience you are addressing. You should use one lead capture page to sell your products or services and a separate page to sell your opportunity. They should have a very different focus. To build sales with customers you need to tout the product or service you are selling. This is all about getting the visitor to understand why they NEED it. You need to evoke an emotional response in terms of what they will get from the product or service.

Your opportunity squeeze page needs to evoke a more emotional response in terms of what your opportunity can do for new team members. They can make their own hours, spend more time with family, have more financial freedom which in turn will give them more TIME freedom, and can build residual income that will continue.

Use Well Written Autoresponders

Your lead capture pages help you GATHER the MLM leads, but your autoresponders need to follow up and act on the leads you get. Autoresponders should be targeted to the audience that visited each page. Focus on selling the product to those leads that came in from the product squeeze page and work your opportunity leads toward joining your team!

Contact Managing and Activity Tracking

To effectively manage all of your MLM leads, use the contact manager and activity tracker. See who is reading your autoresponder email, clicking on links and watching your videos. Seeing what actions are taken by each lead will enable you to focus your energy on the right prospects in the right way. Focus on closing the prospects that seem the most engaged and think about tweaking your autoresponders if you find that you are losing people’s interest at a certain point along the way.

Use Online and Offline Marketing with Your MLM Prospecting System

Lead Capture Pages configured… check

About Me Page Set Up… check

Autoresponders Ready to go… check

Driving traffic to Lead Capture Page… ummm…. H-E-L-P!!!

A little stuck at this point? Do not despair… here are some tips to help you get started driving traffic and recruiting with your MLM Prospecting System.

These days many people are so preoccupied with Online Marketing – getting found in search results, getting high listings in pay-per-click-ads – that they lose sight of old-fashioned Offline marketing techniques. Sure, you need to drive traffic to your online pages, but it is not the only way to recruit.

Postcards and flyers still work! There are plenty of low-cost print shops online where you can create attention-grabbing postcards or flyers and many offer mailing services bundled with the print order.  You can send to an existing mailing list, or you may want to target people who have already visited your page but have not yet taken action.

Coupon inserts – you can target a wide range of people by getting your offer included in an envelope full of multiple coupons and offers – but remember these may not be targeted to your specific audience. However, if the cost is low, you may want to give it a try just to see if you get any nibbles.

Help Wanted Ads! Both On- and Off-line help wanted venues are good places to post your opportunity. People looking for work-from-home gigs and business opportunities often respond to ads like this.

Looking to build your business locally? Try Craigslist! It’s free to post an ad… just be open and honest about what your opportunity is. Craigslist frowns upon MLM-ers trying to make their opportunity sound like a direct hire or consulting gig.

Best of luck… and BE CREATIVE! Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t make it a bad idea.

Let’s Talk Autoresponders

So you have leads coming in from your lead capture pages… Congratulations… that is HUGE! But now you need to know what to DO with them.

Hopefully you have an autoresponder series set up to start sending intriguing messages to these new contacts every few days. Even better is if you have embedded captivating videos or links to any of your other web pages within these messages.

Remember, iBoostBiz tracks your contacts’ actions and you should take full advantage of this information! If a contact does not take action, then they should probably continue receiving the autoresponder campaign messages you’ve started sending them. However, if they take action – if they Watch Your Video – or click on the link to another of your web pages, it may be time to switch them over to a different campaign.

A lead that took action – clicked a link to see more information or watched a video – is obviously more interested in your opportunity than one that has not taken action. It is time to start targeting them differently – with a different set of autoresponders!

This can all be done very easily via your back office – simply switch categories for these contacts. You can change them from the category that is sent the initial campaign from your lead capture page, to a category tied to a more streamlined, targeted set of autoresponder messages geared toward those leads that took action.

Don’t Miss Being Notified When Someone Interacts with Your Site!

One of the best things about iBoostBiz is how it automatically organizes and keeps track of your MLM leads and notifies you about certain activity on your site. Instant notifications will keep you informed about prospect activity as well as keep you on time for calendar events, meetings, scheduled follow-ups, phone calls, etc.

All of your prospects’ activities are tracked and logged automatically – you can even see the most recent activity on your system right on your back office home page which allows you to quickly identify your hot prospects.

With Instant Notifications, you can be notified by email or text message the activities you want to know about. You can get a text message when someone revisits your site or an email when you have a new prospect. You can customize your Instant Notifications in less than a minute, and change them anytime you want.

In case you missed the training email we sent about setting up notifications, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Just log into your back office
  2. Click Go To My User Settings on the Welcome page
  3. Click Personal System Notifications
  4. Select the Events you want to be notified of via email and/or text message.

Have You Seen all of the Lead Capture Pages You can Use?

iBoostBiz wants you to be successful and that is why there are so many lead capture pages for you to choose from. Make sure you check them all out. There are pages specifically designed for weight loss, energy drinks, travel, green business and even energy deregulation.

Don’t see a page geared toward your specific niche? There are pages to attract stay at home Moms, displaced workers, or anyone looking for an opportunity to work from home.

If that’s not enough, there are four customizable lead capture pages and one more designed specifically to display on mobile devices. We provide you with enough choices that you should be able to promote absolutely any business using iBoostBiz lead capture page.

In case you missed the training email we sent about setting up these pages, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Just log into your back office.
  2. Click Sales Tools
  3. Click Manage My Site
  4. Click View My Lead Capture Pages

You will see all of the available pages. The pre-configured ones are ready to use right away. The customizable ones are also ready to use with pre-loaded content but you should tweak them to fit your niche, your products and opportunity and your style.